"L'Archeologia Privè" is an oasis of privacy and taste along one of the oldest and most iconic streets of Rome: Appia Antica. Guests can delight in culinary delicacies in an elegant, refined, and intimate atmosphere, inside a structure that—in the past—served as a post station for changing horses

Sala esclusiva del Ristorante L'Archeologia Privè
Stefano Ruzzoli chef del Ristorante L'Archeologia

Home restaurant

In Archeologia Privè, you will experience an exclusive gastronomic experience. Chef Stefano Ruzzoli prepares and serves each dish directly to your table. With personalized service and a tailor-made menu, we guarantee an unforgettable evening. Book your table now for a one-of-a-kind dining experience


"LArcheologia Privè" is a culinary jewel dedicated exclusively to those seeking a private gastronomic experience. The room offers an intimate and quiet environment separated from the rest of the restaurant, where guests can enjoy personalized service

Sala riservata del Ristorante L'Archeologia Privè
Sala privata del Ristorante L'Archeologia

Customized Service

With limited capacity and an intimate atmosphere, Privè allows customers to adapt services according to their preferences. A high-quality audio system allows you to create an atmosphere unique to your guests. If you need assistance creating the perfect soundtrack for your event, you can book our DJ who will create a unique playlist to enhance the ambiance. For those looking to take entertainment in their own hands, we also have a karaoke system available. The restaurant staff is always available to satisfy customer requests and ensure that every detail of the experience is taken care of and personalized


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